Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Tra Su Cajuput Forest is located in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, about over 20km from Chau Doc City and 10km from Cambodia border. The forest has been designated as a special restoration zone since 1983, with the target of becoming a renowned scientific forest and nature reserve. It which includes an 845ha special-purpose forest surrounded by a 645ha buffer zone is the habitat for many colonies of water birds, bats and various oth­ers such as rare and endangered animals and reptile species. The flora is equally abun­dant and splendid with over 140 specified flo­ral varieties, including many medicinal herbs of high value. The forest is sub-divided into several sites to make getting around easier, that include a 3,000m2 fishing area, a 3,200m2 bird sanctu­ary and a 2,500m2 bat sanctuary. The natural aspect of the landscape is given a wonderful dimension by the few small farm­houses that are irregularly placed here and there, perched high up on stilts above the flood plain with their rudimentary bamboo ceilings made out of cajuput trees. In the midst of the forest there is a special ornithologist’s watch tower, standing some 10m high that allows visitors to enjoy a fan­tastic panorama of the vast greenery below, dotted with birds in the silhouette of Cam Mountain in the background. The colour of the waterways changed from one place to another, sometimes turquoise and at other times silver, purple or amber, due to the numerous species of water creatures. The best time to visit Tra Su is at the high water season, from September to November. At this time of the year, the entire forest floats on a vast area, so a motor-boat is the only way to travel around. Indeed, rowing along the green mysterious canals is a particularly good idea or going for a bit of fishing in quiet contemplation. In addition, the area also boasts many unique cultural features as it is the home of the Khmer and Kinh people who practice several traditional handicrafts, such as brocade weaving, silk weaving, cooking thot not (borassus flabellifer) sugar, distilling cajuput essential oil, raising bees for honey, etc.


Lady Chua Xu Temple Festival

The 23rd to 27days of the 4th lunar month

Lady Chua Xu Temple Festival takes place every year on Sam Mountain. The ceremony, also called the Via Ba ceremony, attracts a great number of visitors who participate in the many folkloric activities. They also take this opportunity to travel around and to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of An Giang.

Nguyen Trung True Temple Festival

The 18th – 19th days of the 10th lunar month

This temple is located in Long Kien Commune in Cho Moi District and dedicated to Nguyen Trung True, the leader of the patri­ots who rose up against the French in South Viet Nam. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the glorious achievements of this leader, including destroying a French boat on the Nhat Tao River in the 19th century. After the rituals, there is a reenactment of the historical battle against the French boat.

Ox Racing Festival of Khmer Group

A day of the 9th lunar month (together with Dolta Ceremony)

The racetrack is an even ground, 60m wide and 170m long, surrounded by an elevated land that is used for the spectators. On the ground, there is a line that divides the track into two lanes. On the festival day, two cows are tethered to a harrow. Each cow is controlled by a chief- man (nai), who stands on a pedal. Every year, Ox Racing Festival is organized as part of Dolta Festival (the worshipping ances­tral ceremony) on a day of the 9th lunar month.

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