Rach Gia City

Viet (Kinh), Khmer, Hoa

Cham Dong Ho, Thach Dong, Phu Quoc Island


Ha Tien Landscape

Ha Tien is a seaside tourist area which offers several beautiful and interesting sites to dis­cover, including Thach Dong Temple, Mac Cuu Temple, and Dong Ho, also called East Lake, but which is actually a bay of the Giang Thanh River. At Ho Lo Mountain, located at the end of the beach, you can sail through magnificent caves. Ha Tien is also endowed with many famous beaches, including Mui Nai, Bai No, Bai Ot, Bai Hon Heo, Bai Hon Chong, and Bai Duong. Perhaps the most attractive of the beaches are Bai Hon Trem and Bai Duong; both have yellow sand and coconut groves. Chua Hang Pagoda, located on Cai Ban Beach, contains two great statues of Buddha. Approximately 30km from Ha Tien is Hon Chong, where fish is sold and pepper is grown.

Mac Family Relics

At the foot of Binh San Mountain, about 2km from Ha Tien Town to the west, the temple of the Mac family always opens to tourists for visiting and incensing to commemorate the grand duke Mac Cuu, the founder of Ha Tien, who had changed waste land into cultivated areas, made an old wild land became a busy town of Ha Tien today. In the temple, there are many souvenirs, precious trees offered by the descendants and travelers. This is home to Mac Cuu’s mausoleum built 300 years ago on a large hill and the tombs of many of Mac Cuu’s family members are near the mausoleum, including Mac Cuu’s sons – Mac Thien Tich, Mac Tu Hoang, Mac Thien Tich’s wife – Nguyen Thi Hieu Tuc and so on. All of the tombs are decorated by carved shapes of dragons, phoenixes, lions and guardians. The trace of a system of defense works – the thorny bamboo citadel wall with 2km long and 1km wide – that was built by Mac Thien Tich to prevent the external enemy come to infringe the confines of the country also still exists there.

Dong Ho Panorama

Dong Ho is one of the most beautiful panora­mas in Ha Tien. The lake is 3km in length and 2km in wide, surrounded by rivers and moun­tains and the landscape offers breath- taking view. On one side of the lake is Ngu Ho Mountain h and on the other side is To Chau Mountain. ! The Giang Thanh River is located to the east, I and the Ha Tien River is to the west.

Thach Dong (Cave swallow cloud)

This is a cave formed by a huge green rock rising above the ground on Highway 17, approximately 3km from Ha Tien. Visitors can get to the cave by bus and then climb 500m to the top. At sunrise, white clouds float around the cave opening as if the cave was blowing a cloud of smoke.

Nam Pho Truong Ba

Located 10km from Ha Tien, Nam Pho was once the centre of Ha Tien Town. The two magnificent beaches here, Hon Heo and Bai Ot, both have soft sand and clear blue water.

Mo So Cave

Mo So in Khmer means white rock. This cave is located close to the sea in Ba Nui, Binh An, Kien Luong, about 30km from Ha Tien, and 5km from the highway. The Elephant Mountain, Cloud Mountain and Quynh Mountain form a very beautiful rocky moun­tain range. Mo So Cave consists of natural rocky formations shaped like a termite mould in a limestone mountain, and an uninterrupted and tortuous chain of rocky hallows. It used to serve as a revolutionary base of Vietnamese liberation troops with an arsenal, an army medicine hospital and a logistic store. Sandwiched between Mo So mountains is a valley about 1,000m2. To enter the valley you will have to pass a rocky cave that runs through the foot of the mountains. Very impressive! Despite the constant hot weather outside, but inside the cave it is very cool. The vestiges of thousands of years still leave their marks on the rocky walls through borer and shells. You’ll hardly notice the vitality of the plants on this rocky mountain and if you do you will be amazed to see that the branch­es and roots thread their way under the crevices of the rocks to the bottom of the cave to suck water to feed the rest of the plants. Mo So becomes more attractive and mysteri­ous with the stalactites of different shapes and sizes which depending on human rich imagination they may be an animal, a man, or an object.

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